Mountain Crest Dental Care is a small, welcoming office where we take the time to understand our patients’ wants and needs for their oral health. Read through some of the reviews below to see how families enjoyed visiting our dentist in Orem, Utah. Please contact Dr. Jeffrey Morrison and our team if you would like to schedule an appointment. We look forward to taking care of your smile!

I absolutely LOVE Mountain Crest Dental Care. They are the best dental experience I have had. Dr. Morrison really takes the time to understand your concerns and help you solve your problem. He makes you feel like you have as much time as you need and doesn’t rush his time with you. His top priority is to make sure you feel that YOU are making the decisions that are best for YOU. He wants to save your teeth. He gives you options, thoroughly explains them, and lets you decide. His staff are very friendly, flexible, and accommodating. They take the time to get to know you and make sure your visit is a good one. I would highly recommend Mountain Crest Dental to anyone!

Katelynn P.

My family and I have been going to Dr. Jeff Morrison at Mountain Crest Dental Care for 10-15 years. My experience has been nothing but positive.

Dr. Morrison is warm and friendly. Visiting with him about every six months is a rewarding experience. He has a good memory and is able to pick up our conversation from where we left off at the previous visit. He is knowledgeable, innovative and skilled. With nerves of steel, I have seen him drill through a beloved crown that had broken out of my mouth. I particularly liked that crown, and he saved it. He is the Chuck Norris of dentistry!

Dr. Morrison’s staff are warm, friendly, and professional. They are a delight to work with.

Insurance billing problems? Mountain Crest Dental helps to resolve them. No insurance? They are happy to work with you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my long association with Dr. Jeff Morrison and Mountain Crest Dental Care.

Pamela P.

We have been going to Dr. Morrison at Mountain Crest Dental for about 8+ years now. We love having him as our dentist. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist’s office. He is always cheerful and friendly, as well as capable and professional. He discusses our options with us and has helped us through multiple dental issues. We have appreciated working with him as well as his friendly staff.


Dr. Morrison has excellent bedside manner. He is very knowledgeable and great at explaining things. We have 2 kids who needed teeth pulled and Dr. Morrison took the time and care to make sure they were comfortable. His assistants are so nice and great to work with as well!

Leo C.

The dentist. Who likes the dentist? We do. We love out dentist. Dr. Morrison is the best ever. My husband and I have gone to him for awhile but we took our kids elsewhere. We have 4 children that we went to a special pediatric dentist for about a year only to be severely disappointed. Since my husband and I loved Dr. Morrison we thought lets take the whole family. So twice a year we take in our family of 6 to Mountain Crest Dental Care. It is great. They are always on time, kind and considerate. My son who is 11 has issues and they are so gentle and patient with is nervousness. My toddler who is 4 with Down Syndrome loves Dr Morrison and his staff. Dr. Morrison is knowledgeable of our needs as well as my kids needs and special issues. We will never go to another dentist again. Dr. Morrison is awesome we love our dentist.

Jenny N.

Best Dentist Ever!! Very friendly staff and professional service. They have been our dentist for a very long time and my kids enjoy going each time. Highly recommend them if you are considering a new dentist.

Jon K.

Best. Dentist. Ever. They are friendly, very professional, and great at creating the best possible experience a Dentist office can. No one usually likes to go to the Dentist, but I actually do. I have been seeing Dr. Morrison since 2005 and definitely do not mind going back for regularly scheduled check ups, or further dental work.

I highly recommend their office and services to anyone. The entire staff are excellent to work with and they are very good with kids also.

Once you experience Mountain Crest Dental for yourself, you might find yourself eating more candy and brushing/flossing less just to ensure more visits in the future. Thanks Mountain Crest!

Jake S.

Something I have always loved about this office is that they don’t jam pack appointments and keep you waiting – it’s show up for your appointment and you’re in! Dr. Morrison will take the time to discuss options for treatment with you. Very pleased with the care I have received for the past couple of years.

Maria C

Dr. Morrison takes the time to talk to you and listens to your concern. His office isn’t filed with expensive decor that makes you feel that that is where you’re money goes. It is a humble office with a kind and caring staff. You get personalized attention. He is great with children. My grandchildren love to go see Dr. Morrison. A far cry from my generation.

Mavis M.

Absolutely love this dental office. I really appreciate the time the entire staff took to give me personal attention. Because they aren’t as busy as other dentists, there was no wait time in the waiting room and the doctor got me in and out of there quickly. I highly recommend them!

Mark H.

My family has loved going to Dr. Morrison for the past 8 years. Dr. Morrison is personable and friendly – someone you truly trust with taking care of your teeth. He’s seen our family grow from two to four and helped all of us with proper dental hygiene along the way!

Anna Rose J.

Mountain Crest Dental Care is the best! Great staff, cozy atmosphere, and a wonderful experience. Every time I’ve gone they made me feel really important and like I was the only patient they were seeing all day. I highly recommend Dr Morrison.

Camille H.

Dr. Morrison and his staff patiently answered all of our questions. So glad to have found his office!

Rebecka W.

It was great! I didn’t have to wait, and everybody was nice. I will go back.


Dr. Morrison was so kind- I appreciated that I did not spend time waiting to be seen.

Kami M.

We have gone to Mountain Crest Dental for several years. They are excellent.

Thomas P.